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With so many web design firms claiming to be SEO experts, it is no surprise that there have been so many internet failures. Dabbling on the internet is not an option at Jay Bale & Associates – we deliver results. Many Southfield companies may be lacking the ability and experience, but here that is not the case. With us, you will get a team of experienced, talented, and focused professionals that have driven growth for small and large businesses in Michigan in a variety of industries.

Our firm specializes in creating websites that meet the needs of Google, Bing and other search engines. Optimizing is great, but it also requires a website that is easy to navigate and helps consumers find the information they want most. We focus on quality over quantity, and to ensure that we only take on 4-5 new accounts per year. A strong online presence can only be attained with a focused optimization campaign by a company that truly understands their client’s business.

The supply of people in Southfield that have both a real understanding of SEO and the ability to convert visitors into customers is extremely limited. Jay Bale's commitment to supporting and providing White Hat services is exhibited by his management of Google SEO 1---the first group ever to be dedicated to search engine optimization.